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2015>(Installation) “PnS Ambato” in the exhibition of the Third International Encounter of Design: Trends in Technology, organized by Faculty of Design, Arts and Architecture of the Technical University of Ambato, held in the Provincial Museum of Ambato "Casa del Portal" from 21 to 28 August.

2014>(Project) “Cazador Bar” in the exhibition Paréntesis, organized by Professional Association of Architects of Madrid COAM, held in Madrid from 11 to 31 December.

2012>(Performance and installation) “Palabras, tiempo y palabras” in the exhibition Se Alquila Burbuja, organized by Se Alquila Proyecto cultural y muestra efímera de creación contemporánea, held in Madrid from February 16 to May 29.

2012>(Performance) “Atmósferas SensoPoéticas” in Gastrofestival, organized by MadridFusión and City Council Madrid, held in Madrid From January 23 to February 5.

2011>(Installation) “Aire efímero/No stop city” in the exhibition Efímeras: alternativas habitables, organized by The Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Projects of the Ministry of Public Works, held in Arquerías de Nuevos Ministerios, Madrid from February 16 to May 29.

2009>(Project) “Europam 10 Oslo” in the exhibition 158 ideas for a better future, organized by Europan Norway and Oslo Kommune, held in Oslo, the 3th and 4th October.