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year: 2023 location: madrid, spain type: workshop size: 30 m2 university: SURescuela UC3-Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid team: antonio cobo (tutor) and the artist/students of the workshop Espacios-Máster de Formación Permanente en Artes y Profesiones Artísticas (Yésica Astarloa, Federico Batista, Jesús Burrola, Josefina Cuneo, Claudia Gracia, Cármen Jordán, Ellen Lange, Camila Orchard, Mónica Savirón and Simone Tripaldi)

Starting from a pneumatic structure built collaboratively and from the analysis of the different limitations imposed on the project (materials, techniques, forms, etc.), each student worked on a project proposal in the space that was later exposed and debated.