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Antonio Cobo is professor at the Department of Science, Materials and Technology of Design at the School of Design of Madrid (ESDMadrid). He completed his studies at the University of Rome (Sapienza) and the School of Architecture of Madrid (UPM) where he obtained a Master in Advanced Architectural Design and is currently developing his PhD dissertation "J.M. de Prada Poole: The perishable architecture of soap bubbles". Pneumatic Serendipity is a pedagogical project that is part of his doctoral research proposed as a tool based on the design of prototypes with pneumatic structures. As part of this initiative, he has taught and lectured in the Schools of Architecture of Madrid (UPM), Alicante (UA), Ambato (UTA) and Aarhus (AAA) among others. As an artist, he has developed several projects upon the concept of space and atmosphere, with air, light and smells as fundamental inmaterials of their work.

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drawing by j.a. flores